No job is too small or too big: The way I see it, designing a hangtag is a difficult project. Most of the times the hangtag is the only tool a brand can really use to speak in person a little more about itself, inside the store environment. No matter if the brand already runs an advertising campaign, has a great web or in-store presence, no matter if customers already know and appreciate it, or what happened before entering the store: Inside a store the customer can easily revise his selection and hangtag is the only marketing/printed tool to keep him focused and refresh on his mind some of the reasons he appreciates this certain brand. Going and thinking deeper, the challenge was double: Lots of Stutterheim coats are shipped and delivered directly to online shop customers so a hangtag that speaks like a “thank you note”-in first person would be ideal. “This is your Stutterheim” in big clear typography followed by two more same size cards that talk about Handmade and Swedish Melancholy completing the Stutterheim story, were chosen.
Its clean approach and readability made the hangtag very popular, with many people posting “their Stutterheim” and many resellers using it as an extra “text inside the image” tool on posts.