Arholma raincoat —packaging and collateral design.

Protected by Stutterheim logomark design.

Stockholm x Stutterheim: Yellow

Stutterheim x Anti Social Social Club drop. Content creation—photography and video.


"The words and photographs in Stutterheim's campaign above create clarity, and at the same time obscurity. They say the same thing. But ambiguities arise. What do you mean? Irony? This disharmony becomes a catalyst for the recipient. The message is reinforced."

"Effektiv Visuel Kommunikation" Bo Bergström - Carlssons.

In order to be category leader you need to leverage influence with communication that involves equally words and visuals. By using in most of the cases user generated and existing imagery I created simple concepts with the least amount of copy. Words are the keys to keep the viewer engaged for some more crucial seconds. An experience is created instead of just a glance/reaction.

Stockholm x Stutterheim concept

Stockholm x Stutterheim concept

Words and photography

Redesign of the stutterheim website. 2015.


Launch of Arholma red raincoat. 2015.

"Antidepressant" concept for the launch of Carousel raincoat

Launch of Opal raincoat

A small film for Opal. Shot by Anti Wendel / Editing and Music supervision: Spiros Karavas / Starring Marc Brady and Adeline
Press event Invitation

U.S. launch

Launch of Inferno coat

Launch of Vladimir raincoat

Stutterheim AW2014/15 lookbook